ÅBE 2 - Onsite 12" LP (Limited press)

Pre-order now, have the vinyl in yr mailbox on April 21
Official Releasedate: April 26 (Record store day)


Åbe 2 has created the recording Onsite. Here is a recent report on what it's all about.

Onsite (in Swedish: På plats) is set on the border between the expected polished and the imperfections that exist in life. The music makes no attempt to fit into a given reference but reflects impressions and spontaneity.

Nothing is born out of improvisation. It is a structured framework with a clear script to be executed to get a clean, bare result.

Onsite is recorded in a gymnasium were the expression is enhanced by the site and the music gets its space in the room. An non-commodified world of uncomfortable elements is explored.

Åbe 2 is working with material, lyrics and dialogue to built up tension alongside with the music.

Åbe 2 intends to create a theatrical, unexpected and significant performance that creates the thoughtfulness of the spectator.