Simian Ghost have been hitting some Spotify playlists hard with their new single “Stop Moving”, like New Music Friday and Monday Spin. Now UK radio is joining in, Virgin Radio and Amazing Radio are both spinning the single. So if you happen to be at SXSW Austin, don´t miss them. They´re out there!

“It’s an utterly spellbinding dose of hyped-up pop with Daft Punkisms drizzled over the top and gigantic beats forcing toes to tap, heads to nod, and arms to flail wildly.” – THE LINE OF BEST FIT



En helt ny lysande singel från Dolce är äntligen här! Det är även det första smakprovet från kommande debutalbumet “Av Liv och Grönska” som är producerat av Mattias Glavå (Dungen, Håkan Hellström mfl). Vad sägs?

“Säg Nåt Vanligt”, produced with Mattias Glavå, showcases Levander’s stunning vocal style: an almost flat, deep delivery, but no less striking for it. It contrasts beautifully against the bucolic strums, openly jazzy drums and uplifting runs of flute which place this track firmly in the ’60s.” – The Line Of Best Fit (Song of the day)

“Visa- och jazzpatina krönt av Levanders varma, mörka sångröst” – Aftonbladet



Vänner & Ovänner! William Adam´s debut-EP “Chimär” är ute nu! Den består av fyra grymma låtar som är producerade av Henrik Oja (Säkert, Hello Saferide). Lyssna på Spotify och ladda ner på iTunes!

“Anslaget är medryckande gitarrpoppigt” – HYMN
“Somrig men intensivt längtande indie” – POPMANI
“Bitterljuv popmusik när den är som bäst” – DREFVET



Nǐ hǎo friends! Finally this long period of waiting is coming to an end. We’ve been sitting on new material now for almost a year—it’s about time to start sharing. We will drop a new track in a couple of weeks, along with a fun video we made.

We will also do a special live show in London, playing all new material! It will be a private party on Oct 12th, held at a small and intimate venue on Kingsland Road. Entry is free, however only by direct invitation and spaces are extremely limited, so act fast if you want to come!

All you need to do is to visit >> >> and follow the instructions. If you enter via computer, the page will speak to you.

See you soon!


DRIFTER – Until The End (single) is Out Now!
One of the most exciting debuts this year! But don´t take our word for it, listen below to the debutsingle.

“A mesmerizing slice of glittering kraut-pop.” – Diamond Deposits
“The tune trundles forward in all its hypnotic, monotonous glory” – Nordic Spotlight
“Det handlar om monoton, vacker melankoli och skrevt skrammel i en härlig mix.” – HYMN
“Det är helt enkelt synthgothkrautrock när det är som bäst.” – Popmani