Nǐ hǎo friends! Finally this long period of waiting is coming to an end. We’ve been sitting on new material now for almost a year—it’s about time to start sharing. We will drop a new track in a couple of weeks, along with a fun video we made.

We will also do a special live show in London, playing all new material! It will be a private party on Oct 12th, held at a small and intimate venue on Kingsland Road. Entry is free, however only by direct invitation and spaces are extremely limited, so act fast if you want to come!

All you need to do is to visit >> >> and follow the instructions. If you enter via computer, the page will speak to you.

See you soon!


DRIFTER – Until The End (single) is Out Now!
One of the most exciting debuts this year! But don´t take our word for it, listen below to the debutsingle.

“A mesmerizing slice of glittering kraut-pop.” – Diamond Deposits
“The tune trundles forward in all its hypnotic, monotonous glory” – Nordic Spotlight
“Det handlar om monoton, vacker melankoli och skrevt skrammel i en härlig mix.” – HYMN
“Det är helt enkelt synthgothkrautrock när det är som bäst.” – Popmani

Still Parade – Concrete Vision LP/CD/DL är ute nu! Efter att ha hyllats av en enad bloggosfär i 2 års tid så har debutalbumet äntligen landat. Och det är precis så bra som alla har hoppats på:)


“Minicirkusen är befogad; tänk dig att Fleetwood Mac börjat snegla mot nutida drömfångare som Avi Buffalo och Papercuts och du närmar dig det fjäderlätta resultatet.” –

“If ever an album was designed to evoke pangs of summer nostalgia even before the season has arrived, it’s Concrete Vision” – The Guardian

“Berlinbaserade Still Parade, eller Niklas Kramer som han egentligen heter, fick oss att falla pladask när ljuva folkpopsingeln ”Walk in the Park” släpptes i början på mars” – HYMN

“This is an album you can’t settle into; it will unexpectedly, delightfully tousle your ears just when you think you’ve got it figured out.” –Stereogum


Tennis Bafra – Bummer (LP/CD/DIGITAL) is out now and is getting a great response from all over the world including 4 of 5 from Q Magazine. A must have/listen for anyone into 90´s indierock. The guitars, speed, noise and glittering melodies makes this a strong contender for album of the year. On tour this fall! Update yrself at the TeNniS bAFra Facebook page.