This song. This video. “Gröna Höjder” was the first song we heard with Dolce. Floored, jaw-dropped. Their best song to date. And now the video, a beauty. Noisey has the premiere and they say.
“center yourself, put on this little slice of harmony and let yourself drift off and soar away to the green heights with Dolce”
Watch. Repeat. Share!

We are extremely happy to welcome Caotico into the BMG/Nomethod Publishing fam! Caotio are writing and producing on several new projects including new Caotico material planned for release later this year! So excited about this! If you havent checked them out, do so here

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We are low in stock on most of our releases + working with a new distributor so it´s time to get rid of this stock:) It´s a whopping 35% off on EVERYTHING at right now when you use the discountcode “NOSUMMER”. All vinyls are extremely limited, only a handful left. Get yours!


Hör upp! I år ynglar NOFEST av sig och besöker fler städer. Stockholm, Uppsala och Umeå, se fram emot en massa grym livemusik, dj´s, gratis skivor (!), merch och en ordentlig jävla fest. Vi kommer gå ut med lineup och datum i dagarna!

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